Claire is a Russian lady, which means that she is very well educated and she has a great interest into most arts... She can speak Russian of course but also German and English, with a sexy Russian accent, isn't that cute ? Like all escorts linked to our network Nicole is a bisexual submissive girl with the right man but don't play a Dominant role that is not naturally and elegantly yours as she will be able to realise it quickly and you will loose your power of seduction. Slavish ladies are much into seduction atmosphere, never forget it...  They also are ambitious, like elegant people, places and things and self confident men. On the other way, they are much into attention, they know how to take care of a man... You need an erotic massage, Nicole will feel it and will give it to you. You desire a hot threesome with another girl, she will definitely love it too... 

Because of her interests, her ability to be an excellent conversational parter due to her Russian high education, her great listening skills and her character always eager to please, Nicole is an ideal companion for men, women or couples, a great listener, interested in arts, concerts, movies and dancing, and most of all an authentic full of life stylish lady with an incredible sex appeal. 

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