Nikki T

Nikki is the World Goddess

How to define her briefly ?

Ex Playbpy Playmate....

She is the reincarnation of Aphrodite, Psyche, Mercure & Erato all reunited in one person.

So don't be fooled or hypnotised by her body and face, but scratch under it to discover her personality. By not doing it, you will miss the most important even if ignoring the hot noments you can live with her would be foolish and masochistic.

Invite her to an elegant restaurantm to a BBQ, to a seafood party, to a Beethoven concert, to a Rossini opera, to a theater or a museum, have a walk 9n the beach, in town or in the mountains, hikem dive, climb, sing,... she will be comfortable with all of it. Just the clothes will change :)) That is the benefit of the New Orleans special spirit that makes Louisiana women so unique.

An advice.. To catch totally her attention, be natural, romantic, a gentleman, fun, attentive, educated, surprising,... Well... be a man... and overall, be yourself.

And you will live unforgettable moments...

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6.000,00 €