2 1/2 days, 3 nights, starting on a Thursday or Friday afternoon when your escort lady who will be your guide and driver is picking you up with the car we rented for you at Milan international airport.

for your convenience it can bevreduced to a weekend only so from Fridaybevening tomSundaybevening.

The tours always combine tourism , with visit of Milan, culture with an evening at the Scala or other theater, possibly shopping at an upscale lingerie shop because Italy ionevof the greatbplaces forblingerie, clothes and shoes, gastronomy at selected restaurants, lodging at uspcale hotels by giving you the chouce of location, room or suite, ,maybe spa or jacuzzi and other services possible entry to one hot club or a private party plus always the escort service. So for the 3 days trip, we definitely need to see with you what activities you want to select as y9u also need intimacy and 2 to 3 days is a short period

Restaurants with wine and Hotel included but one free free time and restaurant at your entire choice 

Other drinks than at restaurant pâid by clients

Other bookings made by Club Justine

Car rental included (BMW, Mercedes , Audi ,Lexus, Ferrari,...)

Here is publushed anaverage price for 1 person or couple with Opale class escort

For a 2nd escort, add an extra 70%

10.000,00 €


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