2 1/2 days, 3 nights, starting when your escort lady who will be your VIP courtesan, possibly guide and driver is meeting you up at the airport or your hotel, If desired, we can rent a car of your choice for you at Milan international airport.

For your convenience it can be reduced to 24 to 48 hours or extended to 96 hours or more. In such cases, the price is adjusted.

The tours always proposes tourism so with with the old city, the center of Milan pr out of town ( Lakes up North are close, vineyards are famous, Dolomites are great to enjoy 12 minths a year,..) ,. Then we cannot go to Milan without considering  the cultural aspect with an evening at the Scala or other theater and enjoying classical music (Verdi, Rossini, Vivaldi,..).
A stay in a city is always a monent for relaxing and having quiet notmal moments like shopping at an upscale lingerie shop because Italy is one of the great places for lingerie, clothes and shoes and it is always delightful to put another great smile on your conpanion, to discover local gastronomy at selected restaurants, lodging at uspcale hotels by giving you the choice of location, room or suite, ,maybe spa or jacuzzi and other services, then a recommendation to one hot club or a private party if our manager in Italy  can organise one for you, a sensual moment in an erotic massage salon and all this always with the upscale Club Justine escort service.

So for the 1,2,3 or more days trip, we definitely need to see with you what activities you want to select as you also need real hot intimacy and whatever the numbee of days, you will always find that it is a short moment.
Hotelwith breakfast  is included
Restaurants, with wines or not, can be pripised and included too.
Car rental can be included (BMW, Mercedes , Audi ,Lexus, Ferrari,...)

The published price is an average one for 3 days, 1 client ( single or couple ) with an Opale class escort. A diamond one, a Goddess, can be 2000, 3000 or 4000 € more per dày. A Sapphire one is about 1000 € more per day. 

For a 2nd escort, add an extra 70%

Downpayment after agreement of the content, lady, time length and estimate is 40%. The rest must be paid in cash to the ladies. 

To book, you must be a VIP member, You can pay the membership either via Paypal or directly in cash to the lady. 

10 000,00 €


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