Barber of Sevilla in New Orleans - 09/30

On September the 30th, will be performed at the Mahalia Jackson theater in New Orleans the Barber 9f Sevillam which is probably the most majestuous opera written by Rossini.

Personally, I have a special affection for the Italian operas because before the Italian composers, opera was written for an elite, only played in superbe theaters, with high price tickets that wasn't allowing the people to get access to such music. From Rossini ( later Don8zetti and Verei ), orchestras played in barns, so etimes with chicken reacting to the music ( reason for tge name Poulailler in French theaters tor first price tickets ).

The price is for 2 of the best seats so book with us and don't forget to ask us who could join you as we have the amazing dom0any for joining you. Of coursem we can also take care of the logistics ( hotel, car renting, .... )

459,00 €