From Vienna to Budapest passing by Bratislava, discover what History bequeathed to us.... Fortifications, castles, parks, theaters, cathedrals, museums, renovated old buidings... Enjoy sipping a famous hot chocolate in Vienna, visiting a vineyard in Hungary and tasting their famous Tokay or being swayed by the atmosphere of a philarmonic orchestra in Vienna or Bratislava ... The list is not exhaustive... Of course, it could have been much more romantic to live it thru a Danube cruise but due to the risk of low level river, we always get the risk to have the fluvial cruise replaced with no compensation by a bus trip which is not really the same, reason why we prefer to rent a luxury car... 

This tour includes all expenses except extra drinks and private shopping.

It is estabilshed with an Elite escort service so ex Playboy or top model.

This price like for all tours is an indication. All tours are totally personalised and real estimate is made once we agreed on all activities and service.

To give an example, this tour would be about 30000 € cheaper with a regular escort girl and another 15000 € cheaper with a sexy guide only. 

90 000,00 €