9th Symphony by Beethoven - Vienna

This concert will be performed at the Konzerthall on December the 31st and January the 1st. This price always for 2 persons and the tickets will be dire tly deli ered to your hotel that we invite you to select with us.

In this period of war in Europe, what better peaceful amazing musical monent than the 9th Symphony written by Beethoven ?

It is the last symphony written by Beethoven and this creation is unique for several reasons. First, in the 4th movement, there is the so emotional and powerful choir which is totally uncommon during symphonies but the most powerful is the way Ludwig Van Beethoven is able to transmit all his emotions thru his notes and temoos. He knows it is his last symphony and he is going to die so he puts all hos emtio s thru the images that are comi g to his mi d by rewinding his past. Critics haven't spared him by saying he was very ooor technically conpared to Mozart for instance. Maybe Beethoven was mu less good than Mozart technically, but I think he is the only composer able to transmit so well and so much all his emotiins thru one creation.. If you shit your eyesm dive in his mi d thru his music and you will find mockery toward critics, hoy, spleen, energym fatigiem love, romanticism,... All that his lufe was built on

And to profit such a moment, go with a tremendous company. The Club Justine is proud of having many ladies who enjoy classical music and they will show ypu how much they li ed to be invited by you for such a monent... There are monents that can becone really unforgettable and the Club Justine with his ladies are dedicated to it... It is our pleasure, not our work

410,00 €