Ce qui importe n'est pas ce que vous faites ou où vous êtes mais avec qui vous êtes ! Soyez imaginatif, créatif mais surtout soyez courtois, généreux, gentil, respectueux... Les gens avec du coeur recoivent toujours plein d'attentions adorables en retour ! Roxana est une jeune femme Russe qui désormais vit en Allemagne. Bien sûr la situation ounotre vie n'est pas toujours favorable pour la rencontrer mais n'y a t'il pas meilleur moyen que de se relaxer et partager les plaisirs de la vie qu'en rencontrant une telle femme ? Comme la grande majorité des femmes slaves, Roxana est une femme très instruite capable de parler Russe, Allemand et Anglais. Vous pourrez la contacter soit ici soit via notre partenaire en Allemagne. Nous voulons rappeler qu'une escorte n'est pas une prostituée mais une compagnie, une petite amie. Considérez la comme une femme que vous désirez séduire, la faire devenir votre petite amie, votre confidente, votre maitresse,....Gâtez la, chérissez la, surprenez la et vous créerez alors une connexion très intime et spéciale ... What matters isn't what you do or where you are but with who you are ! Be imaginative, creative but mostly be courteous, generous, nice, restectful. Kindhearted peoole will always get full of kind attentions back ! Roxana is a young Russian lady who currently lives in Germany. Of course the current situation isn't favorable to date but is there a better way to relax now than an awesome time with a gorgeous lady ? Like very most Slavic ladies, Roxana is a very well instructed lady able to speak Russian, German and English. You will be able to find the way to date her thru one of our partners' service. We want to remind that an escort is a companion. Consider her like a lady you want to seduce, make her becoming your girlfriend and regular lover, spoil her, cherish her and you will create a very special connection... For inquiry first, go to

3 000,00 €

Ana Sofia

Ce qui importe n'est pas ce que vous faites ou où vous êtes mais avec qui vous êtes ! Soyez imaginatif, créatif mais surtout soyez courtois, généreux, gentil, respectueux... Les gens avec du coeur recoivent toujours plein d'attentions adorables en retour ! Ana Sofia  est une jeune femme vénézuélienne qui désormais vit à  New-York. Et au sortir 0rogressif de cette situation de pandémie,  n'y a t'il pas meilleur moyen que de se relaxer et partager les plaisirs de la vie qu'en le faisant avec une très belle femme ? Comme la grande majorité des femmes sud-americaines, A na Sofia est souriante, passionnée, vivante, aimant la vie, ma musique, la danse, la fête mais aussi les moments calmes, intimes... Rappelez vous qu'une escorte n'est pas une prostituée mais une compagne, une petite amie, parfois une confidente. Considérez la comme une femme que vous désirez vraiment séduire et elle deviendra lorsque vous en aurez besoin votre refuge, votre maitresse,....Gâtez la, chérissez la, surprenez la et vous créerez alors une connexion très intime et spéciale ... What matters isn't what you do or where you are but with who you are ! Be imaginative, creative but mostly be courteous, generous, nice, restectful. Kindhearted peoole will always get full of kind attentions back !! Ana Sofia  ia is a superb Venezuelan model but she mostly is a real sweetheart... Treat her like a lady, spoil her, enjoy her cute South-American accent, dive into her so expressive eyes and enjoy the beautiful moments you will spend with her. She is bisexual and open to #flymewithyou or #flymetoyou  Currently based in NYC and often in Miami  Always remember that an es ort lady isn't a prostitute or a hooker. She is a real lady to be treated like a lady.  For inquiry, use the contact form via the bottom link 

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Madalina is a young Romanian girl now living in Milan ( Italy ). She is naturally sexually submissive and totally bisexual. She is ready and even eager to travel abroad in Europe. She can date you eventually with one or two other young beautiful ladies... I like her words and I am sure that you will too.. "If your girlfriend is not me, than you are missing something wonderful. I am an open minded babe who like having fun and doing some crazy things. I can guarantee you my attention whenever you need me and I will be the best company you wanted to be. No dull moments shall ever interfere our bonding because I can make you happy the best way i can do. I am always willing to be satisfied and have fun. Let me satisfy you in the best way I know. " As usual, be a gentleman, spoil her and she knows how to satisfy you 

1 400,00 €

Ava G

Ava is an international Playmate girl and she is based in London now. The best date for her would probably going to the Maldives in great company but spoil her in a different place, treat her like a lady and she will treat you like a King !  

3 600,00 €

Eva M

Eva is a Payboy model now based in London. She still iis modelling  and when you look at her gorgeous body, you can understand why. Eva is, like all the ladies you can find with us , a highly educated lady. She represents perfectly the ideal company you can dream about. And as she loves to travel, she is open to travel to nice destinations with the right company   

3 600,00 €

Margot A

Margot is a gorgeous young lady. She is a professional dancer amd she has a Master's degree so she not only has a great body but she also has a high level of education. And you know what we use to say ? look at thecway a woman dances and you will know how sensually hotbshe is !  Based in London, she can ttavel abroad. yreat her weel and you will me er forget her. 

3 600,00 €

Marquise BDSM

Marquise is an English Mistress living in NYC now. She has been in this lifestyle already in London before with an international clientele, reason why she can also speak a bit of French. She is into fetishism and organize private parties. She can also be a consultant into BDSM and can consider taking a future Domina to train her. She is a real gorgeous professional  Dominatrix who dominates  males but she also performs with females, couples and even groups but the most important is that she is a multi figured woman, able to be a French maid by times or a glamour girl or a Princess... She can play several roles because she loves it and she loves it because she is naturally this type of sophisticated woman. She can host or meet you at both convenience. Extra charges for travel expenses then.

3 600,00 €


Leonie is a cheerful happy natural so non sophisticated lady... She will be your perfect companion for a gala, a business event or an artistical event but she is mostly an incredible fearless woman.. She is thrilled by the feeling of wondering who is waiting for her.. She is a submissive girl but mostly she is a passionate girl and lover... Be a great kisser and sparkle her full lover energy... Indulge her atmosphere of full attention when for instance she gives you the relaxing massage you body needs or when she shows you great listening skills and indulge also her atmosphere of hot intimacy... You are smaller than her, do not worry... Centimeters do not matter... 

2 400,00 €


Niole is a Russian lady, which means that she is very well educated and she has a great interest into most arts... She can speak Russian of course but also German and English, with a sexy Russian accent, isn't that cute ? Like all escorts linked to our network Nicole is a bisexual submissive girl with the right man but don't play a Dominant role that is not naturally and elegantly yours as she will be able to realise it quickly and you will loose your power of seduction. Slavish ladies are much into seduction atmosphere, never forget it...  They also are ambitious, like elegant people, places and things and self confident men. On the other way, they are much into attention, they know how to take care of a man... You need an erotic massage, Nicole will feel it and will give it to you. You desire a hot threesome with another girl, she will definitely love it too...  Because of her interests, her ability to be an excellent conversational parter due to her Russian high education, her great listening skills and her character always eager to please, Nicole is an ideal companion for men, women or couples, a great listener, interested in arts, concerts, movies and dancing, and most of all an authentic full of life stylish lady with an incredible sex appeal. 

2 400,00 €


Lisa is a South Afrikaneer living in Capte Town... She will surprise you as she is a full package able to lead you in good investment about real estate, being a sexy secratry capable to follow and assist you anywhere and escorting you as a real sexy lady. She is a true submissive with slave tendencies which will be very meaningful to experts in D/s lifestyle. 

1 200,00 €


Delila is a mature very charming sexy lady living in Arizona... She is a real sub with slave tendencies if you are the right guy to understand what real D/s lifetyle means... She is ready and will be happy to escort you where ever you will treat her delightfully and she will take a great care of you.

1 300,00 €


Janeece is a very sexy young Domina living in San Francisco... However, for the right connection, she can travel all over Northern America.  She is only 29 but age doesn't matter when you understand what a D/s situation means. She can escort you at a tour so she is open to travel to Europe too and she is totally bisexual....

3 600,00 €


Julia is a 29 years old lady from Salzburg... She is a real hedonistic lady, inspired by pleasures that life can bring us and loving to live them the fullest. In her, you will not see only a beatutiful woman but a companion including a sport one as she is a very good alpine skier and also a good golf player, a girlfriend, a play partner and a devoted to your pleasure sexy lady.

2 400,00 €


Elite 24 years old Top model living in London, Evelin will escort you in most countries as she speaks several languages including English and Spanish. She will accept guiding you during our 2 to 3 weeks long tours  tours or she will be your perfect companion for 2 to 4 weeks... She is a real bisexual submissive so for this reason too in the perfect spirit of the Club Justine and be sure that she will make your experience with her memorable whoever you are... Man, couple or woman

3 600,00 €

Nikki E

Nikki is a hot girl in her low 30s living in Stockholm (Sweden). She will escort you in several destinations of our tours... She is bisexual, open to males, females, couples and even groups... Here are her own words to introduce herself. Hey Im a luxury escort that is famous for my good services always get regulars and I love doing what I do which is important im happy and social, a joy to be with,, im naughty and like sex a lot, im very impulsive and can get an idea to fuck in the toilette where we shop. if you want a great experience and like to have fun and like secy sensual women im the right girl!! 

2 400,00 €


Monica is an Australian bisexual swtich lady from Brisbane... She is real kinky lady who has been active in the adult industry for more than 15 years who will enjoy escorting, travelling, dancing and more for one night, a weekend or more. She is in her late 30s and she will enjoy meeting male, female, couple and even group.

1 800,00 €

Christine K

Christine is a 40s year old German sub slut living in Leipzig.. She is slim, hetero and open to males and groups. She can be the perfect kinky secretary you dream about but she also is interested in a serious contact if real great connection.

1 200,00 €

Mistress Simone

Mistress Simone is an American Pro Dominatrix living in Saint Augustine (Florida) As she is hetero, she mostly searches for male servants either for private connection or professional one (escorting, BDSM sessions, joining you for a kinky tour or a private party)

2 400,00 €

Lady Carmen

Lady Carmen is a German Mistress living in Berlin  into Lust with a major cap L, Discipline and Pain She is tall and slim  As purely hetero, she is interested in males only, well I mean in good boys or willing to learn about becoming ones...

2 200,00 €

Sandreen E

Sandreen est une jeune femme française qui peut marier à la fois les qualités d'escort soumise, de femme prête a une relation suivie D/s pour devenir soumise ou esclave et même de par ses compétences professionnelles à devenir votre conseiller bancaire la plus appréciée

1 800,00 €


Masha is an Ukrainian escort lady who mostly splits her life between Kiev, Frankfurt and Moscow but he is available for any other European country She is bisexual and enjoys all forms of sex including anal (give and get) She is a perfect lady to escort you either in our kinky tours or for totally individual purposes

1 200,00 €

Ashley E

Ashley is an easy going and fun to be with girl She lives currently in Frankfurt (Germany) but she is originally from FRance and lived in the USA, reason why she is a great speaking English, German or French company Ashley is bisexual switch... She can be submissive or domina depending on the situation She has a great body with amazing measures and shapes 34-24-36 She can meet in hotel, host, travel,...

1 200,00 €

Lucy Latina E

Escort girl brésilienne de 28 ans vivant sur Milan mais à même de se déplacer  Totalement bi pour homme, femmes  Dominatrice si situation BDSM  Peut également proposer des services avec autre escort  Parle Anglais, Italien, Portugais

1 200,00 €

Daniela E

Escort italienne de Milan, Dany , 19 ans, est soumise par nature, et donc par plaisir et par jeu. Elle a une expérience de 2 ans en escort pour hommes, femmes et couples D'un niveau d'éducation élevé, elle parle couramment l"Anglais, le Français, l'Espagnol et l'Italien et elle accepte de voyager en Italie, France, Espagne, Allemagne, Autriche, Benelux et Royaume Uni Education supérieure

1 200,00 €

    Price is an indication by day. Usually the ladies require to be paid directly at the first day. However, when they have to travel to you by plane, we may require with their agreement a downpayment to book their flight ticket.