Weekend to Milan... to be renewed but probably by booking your tour this time, with the same 2 girls hopefully... :))


Frankfürt (Germany)

First of all, I must say that I never used such a service before so I didn't really know what to expect and I must also say that the club has been very professional at all levels : respect of my privacy and great listening skills to propose me the right tour for me (6 days in Tuscany in June 2019). I wanted to relax and discover Tuscany and this trip has been perfect for me but I must also admit that as I have been by myself since a while, busy working, I had lost some self-confidence about approaching a beautiful woman and strangely this tour helped me with this... So thank you to Maitre Saint Andre, thank you to the Club Justine and thank you to Maria of course;;; I definitely recommend this experience


New York City (USA)

I needed to relax a bit and I tested the club with a 3 days tour in Prague in June 2019. This tour really turned into kind of a romantic weekend with a lady I was not really knowing before.. I lived the very relaxing weekend I was needing and also a strange sensation as it was really a romantic time. I will use your service again, probably for another destination, maybe for longer and hopefully with Dasha or an as lovely girl as her.


Munich (Germany)

I love what is different and I needed to test a new way for me to have a touristic journey. As I had a business trip to Germany, I decided to be guided for 3 days in Vienna, by Julia. This was my best experience I lived in many many years... "


Toronto (Canada)