1 How do I create a profile?

Click on SIGN UP - SIGN ON or Member Login

Once on the members area page, on the left side, you will find "create a profile"

2 I can not connect, why?

Once your profile is created, we usually approve it after having conversed either by phone, Skype, Whatsapp or Hangouts.  Once approved, you will be able to login. If it's a lost password problem, click on the link for this problem

3 I do not see my profile,  I want to update it or add pictures

For reasons of privacy, we do not automatically publish profiles. You have to make the request. Your profile is then created by us respecting the information provided. To update it, use the contact formular or send us an email and we will update your profile.

4 I want to pay for my membership fee

Click on Registration-Connection or Member Login on the Homepage.

You will be routed to the members area page. 

On the right side, under membership payment & access full catalog, fill in your email address and your password then click on Log in. 
Once signed on, you reach the page where you are asked if you need to pay your membership. 

Click on YES.

5 Which membership should I choose?

For any service related to libertine tours, Escort service or Professional Mistresses, access to Collaring  ceremony  or slave auction private parties organised by Club Justine or have a VIP welcoming at our partners, you need VIP Elite card. You can take it for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or without date limitation. The longer membership, the lower rate per month.

For a regular parties and to get full access to the site, get 10% rebate at entries for most partners and to get proposals about datings from members willing to know you and corresponding to your type of search and interests, the Standard card is enough. 

You receive your private card corresponding to your subscription by post mail usually within 7 to 10 days depending on where you live.

 Click on the Ajouter au panier or Add to the basket button.

6 What is the payment method ?

There is a page about your personal information to send your club card so please fill it as you card will be necessary to confirm to the ladies who you are. Shipment is of course included.
For the payment by itself, we use Paypal for reasons of transaction security and account management flexibility. It is preferable to entrust the management of payments to a leader in this area to minimize the risk of hacking financial data. In addition, we do not want to know your credit card numbers.

7 How can I access the catalog?

Once on the members area page, sign in and when you reach the page about the request to need to pay the membership fee, click NO. You are directed to the catalog page. Then click on the service that is interesting to you.

8 How can I book a tour and how does that work ?

Once on the catalog page, fill up the form to give your possible dates of travel. Then, here is the process :

8.a We contact you back by email to propose you usually 2 to 3 escort girls.

8.b You reply either by email or by voice call (Whatsapp, Skype or Viber) by selecting the one you want to escort you (if you want 2 of them, just say it ! ).

8.c We propose you the estimate which includes, the car rental, hotel lodging, restaurant meals, touristic expenses including possible short cruises, theaters or museums tickets, interior flight tickets when a tour includes at least 2 cities that require such a transportation, relaxing massages, club and possible private parties' entries and of course the scort service (The only expenses remaining to you are the drinks in clubs& bars and the extra ones at the hotel or restaurants and your personal shopping).

8.d Once you have accepted the estimate, you book by paying either a downpayment or the full expense (plus possible tip for the escort). If you choose to pay a downpayment, you must pay the rest to the escort at the arrival by following her protocole. Generally, they prefer that you leave the money discretely in the bathroom at your hotel room or suite. 

8.e When you land at the airport (or arrive at a train station), the escort welcomes you there and drives you directly to the hotel for the booking. Depending on your time of arrival, she will explain you the full detail of your trip either at a bar or a restaurant. Usually your escort will be your driver and, guide during your full trip. 

8.f Discuss freely sexually with your escort... For instance, all of them are bisexual in case you plan to enjoy some lesbian situation. 

8.g If you want to combine 2 destinations (Vienna for instance can easily be considered with Budapest or Prague for instance, Amsterdam with Brussels, and so on), you can ask for an estimate about it. 

8.h If you want to enjoy a destination not existing yet, ask about it as some are already planned for the coming months (in USA and Asia for instance, possibly South Africa too).

9 I can not find the answer to my question

Contact us by clicking here