You like to travel worldwide but mostly in Europe and Northern America. We have a lot of destinations in our catalog that will allow you to mix tourism with cultural interests and gastronomy without forgetting the relaxing and hot moments. We can contact you to see if you want to join a client. Choice is always yours. And if you have a client you want to travel with, you just select the destination and we take care of the whole logistics after having defined the whole content of your tour. You change nothing in your habits. Really consider us as a travel agency and a partner. You can use our services once a year, or more, or less, and you are rewarded for it. Your current tours cost time and money to you while our travels are #flymewithyou or #flymetoyou or both combined so pure free of charge tranquility as we  organise everything. Then, unless you planned a tour where you have no exact idea about what money you will make, our travels last from 2 days to 3 or 4 weeks, you perfectly know how  much income you will make for the least and you won'thave to worry about the logistics when booked.

You like luxury, we do too.
You like great food, we do too.
You like great wines, we do too.
You like concerts ...
Or museums, we do too.
You like luxury cars, we do too.
You like to relax, we do too.
You like shopping, we do too.
You like massages, we do too.
You like parties, we do too.
You like sex, we do too.

You like being independent....
Because we do too, we respect this
So.. You are not tied to us 

joining us is FREE
working with us is FREE
Even better, 
You can make extra money thru our ambassador program...  

With Club Justine, you don't pay any commission or fee,
you get extra commissions paid 🙂🙂🙂 


9Of course Club Justine has for vocation to become progressively a worldwide brand and label.
So we pay attention to all details like lingerie, shoes, education, good positive spirit, reliability, image you can provide, honesty, interest to D/s and of course physical look and shape.

If you have any further question, please use our TO CONTACT US link just below