Since 2008, Club Justine is organising parties in an atmosphere of submission, elegance and seduction. We are creating a chic atmosphere through great Champagne, fine wines, high gastronomy, music and sexy maids reminding the tradition of libertine dinners in the XIXth century, dear to the D/s debauchery philosophy of Rabelais or the Marquis de Sade.

From this experience and as its Owner lived in several countries and travelled a lot, the Club Justine decided to expand its offer by proposingtravels or tours in an hedonist lubertine luxury atmosphere and develip a net of partners having a similar philosophyor interests. . 

From 2018, Club Justine is also a  luxury travel agency with an upscale escort service.  The offer is totally personalised  as you can choose the destination and all the activities but we always propose the best hotels, the best regional food restaurants, luxury cars, a concert of classical, folk or rock music, an erotic massage, a touristic gisit of museum or monuments or park or castle or river cruise because we consider that you need to save an incredible complete memory of your travel with only one thought in mind... your future travel with us amd probably with your same company !

Your trips are voluntarily personalized as to fully meet your desires, your expectations, your needs, your fantasies, your dreams. This is the reason why the prices displayed are an average estimate : each client is different so each travel and estimate are different.

Be also fully aware that unlike traditional escort agencies, we do not charge any commission on escort services and that their security concerns us a lot. That's why we require to follow a process with a
pre-screening to be vetted,  to become a VIP member and ito always show your valid Justine Club card member when you date the ladies. All this is naturally managed professionally and with discretion as our goal is also to preserve your privacy.

The Club also :
- proposes an escort service but for not less than 2 days, weekend or not as we consider that escorting deserves a girlfriend atmosphere and not a prostitution one
- provides a personalized dating service
- organises private parties or dinners with a sexy maid service
- proposes a list of worldwide partners to make your travels more fun