Since 2008, Club Justine is organising parties in an atmosphere of submission, elegance and seduction. We offer a chic atmosphere through great Champagne, fine wines, high gastronomy, music and sexy maids reminding the tradition of libertine dinners of the XIXth century, dear to the D/s debauchery philosophy of Rabelais or the Marquis de Sade.

From this expertise added to the personality and background of   its Owner, the Club Justine decided to expand its offer.

 Club Justine is unique by its offer and its spirit.Our main offer is to propose travels with an escort compant. The main purpose of our travels is to enrich the mind by discovering local treasures ( artistical, gastronomical, touristic ), going to special concerts, museums or exhibitions ) and relaxing ( massage salons, sport, spa, beach time,... ). The company must match several criteria in addition to the physical one : able to practice some sport ( golf, tennis, ski, swimming, driving sport car or bike, scuba diving, parachuting or hiking ), having an interest or even culture about topics like classical music, arts, wine science, gastronomy, history and having great skills about sensual behaviour ( sensual massage, strip-tease, BDSM, sex

Club Justine has an ethics about ladies : not to gain commission so mo ey from them but trying to make them earning more money. Ladies work with Club Justine not for Club Justine. They keep on preserving their independence. We are an add-on. 

Another ethics, escort ladies are your best girlfriends in our mi d. Don't contact us for a quick f*ck with a booking of 1 or 2 hoursm we don't propose such services. Take the time to know our ladies, they are much worth it. Seduce them, spoil them and they will bring you to Heaven. 

Your privacy, your safety, your contentment are our goals. So don't hesitate to conract us if you have a special concern or demand