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Nikki T

Nikki is the World Goddess How to define her briefly ? She is the reincarnation of Aphrodite, Psyche, Mercure & Erato all reunited in one person. So don't be fooled or hypnotised by her body and face, but scratch under it to discover her personality. By not doing it, you will miss the most important even if ignoring the hot noments you can live with her would be foolish and masochistic. Invite her to an elegant restaurantm to a BBQ, to a seafood party, to a Beethoven concert, to a Rossini opera, to a theater or a museum, have a walk 9n the beach, in town or in the mountains, hikem dive, climb, sing,... she will be comfortable with all of it. Just the clothes will change :)) That is the benefit of the New Orleans special spirit that makes Louisiana women so unique. An advice.. To catch totally her attention, be natural, romantic, a gentleman, fun, attentive, educated, surprising,... Well... be a man... and overall, be yourself. And you will live unforgettable moments... Her site Https:// 

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Bianca is a highly instructed lady, living in Switzerland and an avid world traveler ( she can speak 5 languages) bit let's Bianca introduce herself..... I am the sexy intelligent and fun woman that you´ve always dreamed of.  I  am optimistic, and well travelled international escort. I live and breathe life. I'm an extrovert by nature and adore my choice of vocation, therefore, enjoy becoming acquainted with like-minded individuals from of all walks of the world. I love the sea and I love to ski . Monaco is always a good option,Dubai,Bali,as a Swiss resident Zürich is beautiful and busy city , Verbier,Gstaad and Zermatt always a good choice for ski and Montreux in summer is just fabulous.

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Marquise BDSM

Marquise is a French/English Mistress living in NYC now. She has been in this lifestyle already in London before with an international clientele already there. She is totally into fetishism since she was living in London and she also organizes private parties. She can also be a consultant into BDSM and can consider taking a future Domina to train her. She is a real gorgeous professional Dominatrix who dominates males but she also performs with females, couples and even groups but the most important is that she is a multi figured woman, able to be a French maid by times or a glamour girl or a Princess... She can play several roles because she loves it and she loves it because she is naturally this type of sophisticated woman. She can host or meet you at both convenience. Extra charges for travel expenses then.

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Rene is a very elegant lady from Melbourne. She is the Australian Goddess. she definitely loves to travel worldwide, including to some countries that we don't propose yet. She is a real fine dining lady, loving humour, courtesy, elegance, bright spirits,... She definitely loves Champagne which will make her eyes more expressive and her smile brighter. Be a gentleman or woman because she is totally bisexual and she will be the girlfriend you always dreamed about.  Her site   Https://

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What matters isn't what you do or where you are but with who you are ! Be imaginative, creative but mostly be courteous, generous, nice, restectful. Kindhearted peoole will always get full of kind attentions back ! Roxana is a young Russian lady who currently lives in Germany. Of course the current situation isn't favorable to date but is there a better way to relax now than an awesome time with a gorgeous lady ? Like very most Slavic ladies, Roxana is a very well instructed lady able to speak Russian, German and English. You will be able to find the way to date her thru one of our partners' service. We want to remind that an escort is a companion. Consider her like a lady you want to seduce, make her becoming your girlfriend and regular lover, spoil her, cherish her and you will create a very special connection... For inquiry first, go to

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    We select our destinations by paying attention to various criterias 
    White sand beaches are part of them, but ......
    Ski or Golf resorts, History, Romanticism, Arts, Gastronomy, Vineyards, Fine products producers,.... too



     * Vienna, Linz, Salzburg
     * Brussels, Bruges, Liege
     * Corsica (Ajaccio, Bastia)
     * Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik 
     * Copenhagen 
    * London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge 
    * Paris, Aquitaine, French Riviera, Alps,  Alsace, Normandy, Brittany, Burgundy
    * Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Kolln, Stuttgart 
     * Athens
     * Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice
     * Luxemburg 
     * Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Maastricht
     * Lisbon, Porto
     * Glasgow, Edinburgh
     * Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Valence, Alicante
     * Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen 
     * Zurich, Geneva, Basel 


     * Prague, Travna
     * Budapest ( suspended )
     * Warsaw , Lodz, Kracovia 
     * Bratislava 
     * Ljubljana 
     * Kiev, Odessa ( suspended  )
     * Sofia, Plovdiv
     * Bucharest 


     * Danube 
     Vienna, Budapest, Prague

     Madrid, Paris, Florence, Venice

    * Celtic
    Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow
    * Scandinavian

    Copenhagen,  Stockholm,  Oslo
    * Mediterranean
    Monaco, Dubrovnik, Athens
    Odessa, Plovdiv, Prague
    * Skiing 
    Avoriaz, Zermatt, Cortina 


    * NYC, WDC, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, LA, SF, LV, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Reno, San Diego, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit, Boston, Portland, Indianapolis, Memphis, NO,  Denver, Charlotte, Milwaukee 
    * Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary

    - AFRICA

    * Capetown 
    * Dakar 

    - ASIA
    * Dubai
    * Goa
    * Phuket
    * Bai Dai 
    * Ca Na 


    * Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra
    * Auckland, Wellington