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TRAVEL AGENCY with Escort service
ESCORT AGENCY with mostly independent ladies

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Congratulations to our new winner ! 

Roxana is our alreary second Goddess and for this reason too she will be a memorable one, not only because 2 is a special number to me. To respect her main job and private life, we respected her choice to not show her face. 


Roxana is a Russian escort lady professionally based in Germany.  She is not a full time escort lady & it is the reason why she very rarely accepts more than 2 days booking. As she wanted a well organized safer way to work, she selected Bellevue Escort in Hamburg. This means that not only independant ladies can become a Club Justine Mythical Goddess but the ones working with an agency too.
For dating, you can contact her via this link

She is a real Goddess by her beauty, her intelligence and her charm but also by her bravery and her artistical interests like a lot of Slavic ladies. She can speak German, English & of course Russian and believe me a Russian lady speaking a foreign language makes you immediately seduced.


Your arrival is planned on a Friday evening at the Prague international airport. Your may eventually ask us to book your flight ticket in the desired class or reserve a private jet.

Once landed there, unless your 🔥🤩😘 guide and companion travelled with you , she  will welcome you at the airport...

Time to pick up the luxury sedan, SUV or sport car we have booked for you and you may enjoy the delight to be driven by your sexy companion and chauffeur unless you wanna drive.

Direction to your center town hotel 5*,where your luxury room or suite is waiting for you. Maybe you will need a relaxing time with the jacuzzi or spa before going to diner, take time to enjoy it then...

For the first evening, we will lead you to a restaurant where you will discover a traditional Czech cuisine with a boar rost, deer stew, duck legs or anything else you want to taste, and select the wine  to match with.

On Saturday morning, after a great breakfast,it will be the good time for tourism by visiting the famous Cathedral Saint Guy and then have a walk in the old town before choosing the restaurant of your choice. This is a free time you totally indulge with a real girlfriend atmosphere you have to create.

After the effort, time to relax... You need to take care of your body and all the stress you have accumulated for months needs to be released. For that reason, you will succumb under the skills that the Chilli Salon will provide to you as we have planned a 2 hours very sensual massage for both of you.

Back to the hotel for a bath, shower or jacuzzi before going out for a typical Czech diner with a folkloric ambiance and its Czech country music... Unless you prefer to go to for classical or jazz music... .

2 days is a short trip, so Sunday it is already your last breakfast in Prague, the moment to make your maybe intimate farewell or "see you again" to your lovely companion with who you will have shared all this romantic weekend.
It will be time to fly back to your regular life but with plenty of memorable images that you will carve in your mind... 🙂🙂

Car rental  Mercedez, Audi, BMW, Lexus or equivalant, Hotel 5* Luxury Room with breakfast, jacuzzi and  spa, Restaurant Friday and Saturday evening, Salon of massage and  Escort service (Level 1) included

Weekend starting from 7.700 € ~ $8.500 

(on hiatus due to covid)


 * Austria
 * Belgium
 * Corsica 
* England
* France
* Germany
 * Italy 
 * Netherlands 
 * Spain
 * Sweden


 * Czech  Republic
 * Greece
 * Hungary
 * Ukraine

Including Danube river from Vienna to Prague



 * Las Vegas
 * Los Angeles
 * Miami
 * New York City


* Cape Town


* Brisbane
* Melbourn
* Sydney

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