Your arrival is planned on a Friday evening at the Prague international airport. Your may eventually ask us to book your flight ticket in the desired class or reserve a private jet.

Once landed there, your guide and companion for the whole weekend will welcome you.

Time to pick up the luxury sedan we have booked for you.

Direction to your center town hotel 5*,where your luxury room or suite is waiting for you. Maybe you will need a relaxing time with the jacuzzi or spa before going to diner, no problem...

For the first evening, we will lead you to a restaurant where you will enjoy a traditional Czech cuisine with a boar rost, deer stew, duck legs or anything else you want to taste, and select the wine  to match with.

On Saturday morning, after a great breakfast,it will be the good time for tourism by visiting the famous Cathedral Saint Guy and then have a walk in the old town before choosing the restaurant of your choice.

After the effort, time to relax... You need to take care of your body and all the stress you have accumulated for months needs to be released so you will benefit of all the skills the Chilli Salon will provide to you with their 2 hours very sensual massage

Back to the hotel for a bath, shower or jacuzzi before going out for a typical Czech diner with a folkloric ambiance and its Czech country music... Unless you prefer somewhere else for classical or jazz music... .

2 days is a short trip, so Sunday it is already your last breakfast in Prague, the moment to make your maybe intimate farewell or "see you again" to your lovely companion with who you will have shared all this romantic weekend and it will be time to fly back to your home with plenty of memorable  images in mind...

Car rental  Mercedez, Audi, BMW or equivalant, Hotel 5* Luxury Room with breakfast, jacuzzi and  spa, Restaurant Friday and Saturday evening, Salon of massage and  Escort service (Level 2) included

Full weekend for 7.700 €

Not included : minibar, bar, Saturday lunch restaurant, eventually round trip fliht tickets


1 - Create your profile, wait for the validation (we require a direct voice contact first unless you are referred by an actual valid member), select one of the Elite membership and pay for it

2 - Contact us by informing us about your dates of travel or booking, your selected destination and preferred lady (or ladies) to escort you

3 - We reply to you by confirming her (or their) availability or by giving you an alternative companionship corresponding to your first choice available at that date. Once having agreed upon your companionship and content of your detailed tour, we confirm all of this with an estimate sent by email. Once accepted by you, we tell you when you can go to the catalogue to book your trip and pay for it. All details about your travel are sent within the next 24 hours or 48 to 72 hours during weekends and holidays. 

The offer is valid for payment one week after having been accepted by you.



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