1 - Club Justine only accepts ONE partner per city and per type of business to give a full preference.

 2 - There is no financial charge. Club Justine only demands a rebate of 10% for Silver members and 20% for Gold members ( on any offer of the partner's choice )
3 - Club Justine offers a free publication on his website and communication



1 - There is no financial charge for the affiliate. By the opposite,Club Justine retributes its affiliates by giving back 50% of the memberships it made due to the affiliate.
2 - Members generated by the affiliate remain linked to the affiliate. So when the member renews its membership, the affiliate gets its commission 
3 - Each sale made on travel or private parties to the member linked to the affiliate generates a 7% commission. There is no commission on escort service as Club Justine makes no money on it.
5 - Payments are made once a month, on the 13th, either by Paypal or Swift transfer as long as the balance is over 100 €
6 - Affiliates agree to find a way to offer a 10% rebate on their offer of services to Silver members and 20% to Gold ones